Leatrice Asher’s insights into pain, and her skill in working with clients and communicating with the public, have come from a combination of personal and professional experiences.

Her own experiences with adversity, including early panic attacks, a nervous breakdown in her early twenties and a disabling physical illness, has led her to a deeper understanding of the path of the human and how to change our relationship to physical and emotional pain and suffering. The same process that she used to transform her own pain was later tested, honed, and retested through her work with others.

Leatrice has devoted more than 40 years to exploring disciplines related to health and well-being and has spent many years in a wide range of professional situations:

Counseling incarcerated juvenile girls, social work with mentally and physically disabled clients, 20 years in private practice as an acupressure therapist, educator and counselor, extensive experience with hospice, 9 years residence in a Zen Buddhist monastic community as well as many years facilitating a study group that explored the process of Self-knowledge.  Leatrice is also a writer and editor for a non-profit organization that disseminates metaphysical information worldwide.  She has presented seminars for lay persons as well as health professionals. Her classes have been offered in drug and alcohol in-patient treatment facilities, university classes and health centers.

One Response to “About”

  1. James Benney said

    Dear Leatrice,

    James Benney here. I knew you briefly when you were at SF Zen Center and I lived in Walnut Creek. Over 40 years ago.
    Think about you frequently.
    Glad to see you’ve been active. Hope you are doing well.

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